New WallOver the last 20 years, Awesome Walls has evolved from a tiny industrial unit aptly named 'The Climbing House' to one of the most innovative climbing wall businesses in Europe.

Liverpool, Stockport, Stoke-on-Trent, Dublin, Sheffield, Cork have all had massive investment over the years and I'm often asked- Where Next Dave?

While I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of AWCC #007 we are about to embark on some exciting changes to an existing centre that we wanted to tell you about.

So it's with great excitement that we can finally reveal the details of what we have in store at Awesome Walls Liverpool.

As innovators of the climbing wall market, we have contributed a great deal to the ever-increasing popularity of climbing walls. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that hundreds of new walls have opened up around the UK since we started trading nearly 20 years ago!

There are going to be many changes around AWCC Liverpool over the next few months - the main work will be in two phases.

PHASE ONE - Removal of the back wall

The steep back wall is to be removed after many years of spitting people off and being the making of some top climbers. The removal of the wall will start on Monday 22nd May. We have engaged the services of Entre-prises to commence building new leading walls in this area on Monday 30th May.

The new wall will have a total of 16 lead lines (4 overhanging, 4 slabs and 8 vertical). Fingers crossed, it should be ready by Saturday 1st July.

PHASE TWO - Awesome Clip 'n Climb

The whole of the North end (pinnacle) of the church will be utilised by 18 Clip 'n Climb elements. This means that the pinnacle, top-roping slabs and traverse wall will be removed. The vertical lead wall will be revamped to fit in with the Clip 'n Climb area. 

Whilst Clip 'n Climb is a long way removed from the general climbing that we do, it's a proven fact that many people who are attracted to this style of climbing will then gravitate to try the traditional style of walls. These new elements will be both challenging and fun for kids and adults alike.


The renovations at AWCC Liverpool will give greater accessibility to a wider audience of climbers. For those of you that love to use the auto-belays, you'll be glad to know that another two will be in use soon, bringing the total to four on the tall walls.

We realise that a few customers will be sad to see the back wall and pinnacle disappear but we’re confident that the new walls and general centre upgrade will inspire customers, old and new, to rise to the next awesome challenge!

These major changes will bring a breath of fresh air to AWCC Liverpool and help us climb into the future.

All the best

Dave Douglas

Managing Director

Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

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