Have you tried our awesome app?

Have you tried our awesome app?

Not got a smart phone or tablet? open the app in your browser!

New routes, boulder resets, competitions, loyalty vouchers, special offers, wall news, climbing news, closures, new merchandise, updates and the list goes on...

Several years ago everything was communicated by word of mouth and posters spread around Universities and climbing shops. Now we have emails and the wonderful world of the internet, social media, et al... Given all these ways of communication we still find it hard to pass all our awesome news over to you on a regular basis. 

If we set new routes, alter our opening times or update our facilities I'm sure you'd like know sooner rather than later!

15 years ago half of UK adults said that they had a mobile phone – now that figure stands at 93%!

The Awesome App will solve this problem by providing you with 'UP TO DATE INFORMATION' as well as exciting offers and competitions!

Here's how to get the best out of the App-

'Offline Caching'- Would you like to download content to view offline?

This will only use a very small amount of memory but will stop you downloading the same data time and again (saving your precious pennies). Once this is enabled you will be able to browse all of the content in the app (updates, news, photos, directions, etc.) and find what you're looking for without going on line.

'Allow "AwesomeWalls" to access your location even when not using the app?' Location is required to get push notifications and other awesome features.

This works together with 'Push Notifications' and will need to be allowed to receive the full services we wish to offer.

'Enable Push Notifications' Enable push notifications for updates and other great features?'

This is the main one. By allowing this, you will be amongst the first in the world to know what's happening in the world of Awesomeness!


We'll be dedicated to feed you relevant information that you will find useful and interesting. We understand that to much irrelevant information will soon see you hitting the delete button so we'll work extra hard in getting it just right.

Finally Finally-

As with all new techy things we're still learning how this app works and what it's limitations are. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated to improve this new service.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the app and see it's many benefits.

Happy Apping!

Dave Douglas

Managing Director

Awesome Walls Climbing Centre

Not got a smart phone or tablet? open the app in your browser!