Our First Aid Courses for 2018

Our First Aid Courses for 2018

Our awesome REC first aid course is a fun, practical two day course designed for people who work or play in the outdoors. The course is ideal for Teachers, Instructors, Climbers, Mountain Bikers, Canoeists.... REC is recognised as the minimum qualification for MLTUK, ML Summer and Winter Awards, Single Pitch Supervisors Award, and by most other Governing Bodies!


Our 2018 course dates are:

Jan 27th & 28th - Liverpool

Feb 10th & 11th - Stockport

March 10th & 11th - Stoke

April 21st & 22nd - Stockport

May 12th & 13th - Sheffield

June 2nd & 3rd - Stockport

June 23rd & 24th - Liverpool

Sept 1st & 2nd - Stockport

Sept 15th & 16th - Stoke

Oct 6th & 7th - Stockport

Nov 10th & 11th - Sheffield