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Do you want to climb our walls but don't want to learn the rope work, or maybe you haven't got anyone to climb with? Don't worry our auto belays will take the strain and look after you or you could choose to boulder! During a half hour induction, we will teach you how to boulder, use our auto belays or do both of these safely so that you will have a fun and safe time. These sessions take half an hour and then you can stay and climb for as long as you want.

Cost £16


Auto Belays: 7 lines of auto belay climbing

Bouldering: 2 bouldering areas

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Auto Belays: 5 lines of auto belay climbing

Bouldering: 2 Separate bouldering rooms

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Auto Belays:  2 lines of auto belay climbing

Bouldering: A massive bouldering room with 2 separate climbing areas.

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Auto Belays:  0

Bouldering: 2 floors crammed full of all the bouldering and training facilities that you could ever need!

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