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Our Story

From those first vertical moves to reaching Awesome new heights - we're driven by our passion for climbing

Dave Douglas took his first steps into the world of indoor climbing facilities during the 1990's when he opened the Climbing House in Liverpool. Since then Dave has continued to build on a rock solid reputation for creating the most welcoming, fun and climber focused environments for climbers to enjoy. With each new Awesome Walls, Dave continues to improve the quality of the climbing and facility on offer. One thing that has never changed - the quality of the instructors and our Awesome centre staff. At Awesome Walls we're proud to be part of a great community of passionate climbers and climbing instructors. With Awesome customer service at the core of every Awesome Walls initiative, you're guaranteed to be enjoying your experience of climbing at our centres for years to come.

Happy Climbing!


Who is Mr Awesome?

'I find it very hard to completely shut off from work. My life revolves around the world of climbing walls and not just my own. Even when I’m on holiday, I can’t pass a climbing wall without popping in and saying hello!' Recently the Managing Director of Awesome Walls Climbing Centres was pinned down and quizzed about his climbing wall enterprise.

Does he drive a Jag, own a penthouse in Barbados or operate with a crack team of professionals amidst a swanky glass office at the top of a skyscraper?

Find out the truth here:

 A big thank you to Dave Simmonite at Climber Magazine for the kind permission to reproduce this article.

Inspriring people

Climbing can be so much more than a fun and social physical pursuit

Climbing at Awesome Walls can mean many things to different people. It can represent your weekly social catch up with friends or part of your physical fitness routine. Maybe you use indoor climbing as training for larger goals on real rock? What is guaranteed is that while climbing at Awesome Walls you'll feel a unique sense of accomplishment and the thrill of adrenaline that other facilities can't provide. At Awesome Walls we're proud to have introduced and inspired 1,000's of people to take up climbing through the years. Many of these have gone on to achieve great personal goals - competition climbing, mountaineering and even 3,000ft big-wall exploration! We can just help plant the seed of climbing, who knows where your first experience of Awesome Walls will take you?

A step into the unknown

Deciding to try an exciting new sport like climbing can be a bit overwhelming at first. Luckily for you, the Awesome Walls team are the best in the industry at removing barriers to participation and making climbing accessible to everyone. 

Am I fit enough to try climbing? Is it Scary? Will I be safe? Is it only for guys? We all had ideas of what is involved in trying climbing for the first time... luckily climbing is for everybody! At Awesome Walls climbing centres you'll find walls and challenges of every height and angle meaning that everyone can enjoy climbing from the very start. Climbing draws on far more qualities than simple physical strength. Balance, flexibility, confidence, determination, focus & problem solving all play a massive part in determining whether a climber succeeds. That's why climbing is such a rapidly growing sport! Climbers with hugely different physical and mental attributes can still enjoy and progress on the same climb.... but accomplish it in a very different way!