TLC - Totally Love Climbing

We're really excited to tell you about our new monthly payment scheme TLC and the benefits it offers! 

All the prices are tailored specifically to your individual needs so there's something for everyone. We've also added some extra options that are available exclusively to TLC members.

TLC Monthly Prices*









Family (2 adults & 2 children)


*AWCC Stoke monthly prices available on request. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

TLC Awesome Benefits


The monthly price you pay now is set for LIFE* as long as you don’t default on your payment. (The initial term is 2 months. After this you're free to cancel, but if you restart it at a later date you will pay the current TLC rate.)
*Rates will alter when adults reach 60, juniors reach 18 or students finish their course. If the payment has been continuous we'll honour the original stated price for each category.


You can now use all four Awesome Walls (Liverpool, Stockport, Stoke and Sheffield) as often as you please! And if we open any future establishments, you'll be more than welcome to visit us there!


Every month you can introduce a new member completely free of charge!
(The new member will be under your supervision and you will need to sign a novice climber waiver. Hire equipment is not included)


No need for cash! As you have a TLC set up with us you can buy anything you like from any centre and we will just add it to your account. The total will be deducted from your bank account at the beginning of the month along with your regular payment.


As a TLC member you can receive 20% discount on Coaching, Climbing Courses and Merchandise.


Locker space

You can have your own locker at your local Awesome Walls to leave your wall gear in. No more lugging that rope, harness, shoes, chalk bag and other paraphernalia about!

Monthly cost: £6

Hot drinks

Who doesn’t like a hot drink before, during or after a climbing session? With this option you can have 2 hot drinks per session. Have them both yourself or share one with a friend!

Monthly cost: £20

Coaching Sessions

Now that you're climbing on a regular basis why not add a coaching session to top up those skills and avoid getting injured?

One of our expert coaches will give you a 1 hour session every month to make sure your maximising your potential!

Monthly cost: £15

Hire Equipment

Not ready to buy the gear yet? No problem! Sign up to this and receive your boots, harness and belay equipment whenever you are in the wall.

Monthly cost: £22


Next time you're in Awesome Walls simply tell a staff member that you'd like to take our TLC offer up. You'll need a valid Credit card to activate your TLC account.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Happy Climbing

Dave Douglas
Managing Director
Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

Terms and conditions

  1. The minimum term for the TLC is 2 months and then on a rolling monthly contract. Each payment will be taken on the 1st of the month.
  2. The account is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. Occasionally our walls may be closed for route setting, maintenance, competitions and the like.
  4. TLC members must scan in when using the climbing facilities.
  5. One guest pass will be available every month for a new member. If the pass is not used it can't be carried over.
  6. AWCC may cancel TLC's without warning or reason.
  7. AWCC reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions, notice will be given.
  8. Loyalty cards cannot be offered with the TLC scheme but you can claim one piece of SWAG per month.
  9. TLC cannot be used in conjunction with Kids Club, School of Rock, Parties or other Group Bookings.
  10. A couple is classed as two people in a relationship living at the same address. ID will be required. A family consists of two adults and two children all living at the same address. (prices can be arranged for different families of different sizes).
  11. The 20% discount can't be used for Group use or Birthday Parties.
  12. TLC scheme is not valid in AWCC Dublin or AWCC Cork.
  13. TLC cannot be used with our Clip 'n Climb facilities.
  14. Management decisions are final.