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Climbing Tips For Beginners: Your Ultimate Getting Started Guide

Trying climbing for the first time may feel a bit intimidating. Don’t worry! We’re here to share with you all the basic information you need to conquer any climbing challenge with our “climbing tips for beginners ultimate guide”! For all newcomers to this amazing sport, it is essential to learn the basics of climbing, prioritise safety, and get yourself set-up with the right gear.

Whether you’re seeking a thrilling workout or a unique social activity, indoor climbing offers an accessible gateway into the world of vertical adventures. So where should we start?

Climbing Tips for Beginners: Step 1

Climbing is as much about technique as it is about physical ability. So don’t worry if you haven’t mastered the art of pull-ups just yet! You don’t need to be super physically strong to enjoy this wonderful sport. The most awesome way to kickstart your journey is by hitting up an indoor rock climbing centre.

As a newbie, embrace the joy of learning climbing lingo, mastering beginner-friendly routes, and discovering your favourite style, be it top rope, lead climbing, or bouldering. And don’t forget to check out our vibrant community at your local Awesome Walls, we can’t wait to meet you!

Climbing Tips for Beginners: Step 2

Safety First, We’ve Got Your Back!

If you’re not exactly best friends with heights but you are still keen to give climbing a go, that’s awesome!

Making sure that you are safe while climbing is our top priority. So pay attention during the induction session and soak up the knowledge from our friendly instructors and team members. They are there to keep you safe and ready to reach the tops of our walls.

Falling is part of everyone’s climbing journey. To minimise nicks and bruises you can learn how to tumble like a pro. Practice falling into plush crash pads, and you’ll soon find yourself bouncing back for more.

Our whole floor is made out of soft and padded mats, ensuring a controlled and secure experience. You have complete control over how high and far you climb, so you can take it at your own pace and comfort level. If you’re new to climbing, it’s a great idea to stick to easier grades with lower walls and finishes, so you can comfortably work your way up the wall. And don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the friendly staff, they’re there to guide and support you every step of the way!

Climbing Tips for Beginners: Step 3

On the wall, Get a grip!

Our climbing walls are peppered with an array of holds, each offering its own unique challenge and excitement. You’ll encounter jugs (big, comfy holds for your hands), crimps (tiny, sneaky holds that require finger finesse), slopers (smooth, sloping holds that demand trust and balance), and so much more! Once you become more comfortable and familiar with grips and holds you can start exploring and embracing the art of shifting your weight, finding sweet spots, and experimenting with different hand positions. It’s like solving a giant, three-dimensional puzzle while doing a full-body workout.

Climbing Tips for Beginners: Step 4

Choose your outfit: Comfort comes first 

For your first session at Awesome Walls, wear some comfortable workout attire. Once you arrive at the centre, you can rent a pair of climbing shoes and grab a chalk bag to level up your grip game. And if you are planning on getting on a robe, book a private session and then harness hire is included. Heads up! Don’t forget your water bottle. Climbing is a full-body workout so you need to stay hydrated.

Climbing Tips for Beginners: Step 5

Progress is a journey: Improve your skills

Improving your climbing skills is all about one thing: practice. The more time you spend on the walls, the more progress you’ll make. If you’re looking for an extra boost, take a class to refine your technique, observe experienced climbers in action, and don’t be shy to seek advice from fellow climbers. Regardless of your skill level, there’s always something to learn from others in the climbing community. Remember, a humble climber is a wise climber.

Now it’s time to hit the wall! 

Ready to start climbing? Check out the incredible selection of climbing challenges put together by our world-class route setters for you to enjoy. It’s time to strap up those climbing shoes, chalk up those hands, and get ready to conquer new heights. Visit our website and find out more about our memberships and various available sessions.

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