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Being part of our amazing community is the biggest perk we can offer but here are a few more:


Make friends for life and share your passion for climbing together when you meet more avid climbers at our walls and social events.

Physical Health

Regular climbing targets multiple muscle groups, helping to improve your fitness, strength and stamina.

Progress Skills

Practice makes perfect and climbing is no different. Train regularly to develop your technique and see yourself progress onto more challenging routes.

Mental Health

Climbing requires concentration and focus which can help bring clarity to your mind, build confidence in your abilities and grow your self-esteem.

Our Exclusive Social Events

Available to members and free to attend with your climb.

Take part in our fantastic, fun lead climbing competitions!

Our friendly Winter Leading League runs at each of our 3 roped centres – Liverpool, Stockport and Sheffield! There will be four rounds at each centre, and each round will have 10 routes to climb of varying difficulty.

Take part in our monthly bouldering competitions!

Each year we love putting our boulders to the test and throwing in some friendly competition for everyone to enjoy.

Women's Coaching

Build bouldering skills and meet more friendly faces in our women-only sessions.

One of our awesome female instructors will take you through everything from warming up to top tips and techniques to feel more confident and competent with climbing.

Our sessions are held every Tuesday evening and are exclusively available for our female members to attend.

Social Climbing

Get chatting with our climbing community and meet locals in this fun and engaging social session every Wednesday.

We provide support and guidance while you climb from our instructors as well as their tips and points to keep you on top form.

Boulder Coaching

Learn the basics of bouldering in our weekly coaching for beginners.

From warming up to tips, drills, fun and practice, our boulder coaching is the best way for beginners to improve their bouldering ability.

Meet with our keen climbing members in this social session to develop your skills and refine your technique every Thursday evening.

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We can also add any refreshments you purchase onsite to your monthly tab so you can leave your payment methods at home.

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Monthly Pricing

Adult £45.00

Student £40.00

65+ £40.00

Monthly Pricing







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